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In today's human society, the phenomenon of mobile phone addiction is getting more and more serious, and the morbid dependence makes people change in physical and psychological ways. As far as I am concerned, such a change is a kind of variation. At this moment, the presence of the mobile phone became parasites, the host human is slowly being foraged and hollowed out. This work visualizes these variations, extending from the human’s hand to the head and even the body, gradually evolving into a giant insect or a monster. Just like Gregor in Franz Kafka's novel < The Metamorphosis >, he gradually lost his self-awareness, lost his connection with people, and was eventually swallowed up by a huge alienation.

After being addicted to mobile phones, people often feel anxious without a phone, so I began to think about what would happen when I was in this situation. I found that I was used to crumpling things such as paper or clothes. I tried to record this simulated situation and turned the abstract emotions into visual stuff.

008 (2) 拷貝.png
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