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Trap 02: All-you-can-eat Restaurant For The Mouse


The Absent Mouse

Shun's work is inspired by the process of catching mice in his studio. However, he has never seen that mouse in person but can only imagine its existence through the various traces left by the mouse. Shun created a series of mousetraps with a humorous tone. It was not designed to capture mice in reality but to restore the circumstances of how he is capturing mice with imagination. According to the clues of these objects, the viewers can gradually enter the world of Shun's imagination and get a glimpse of how he imagines the mouse will be snared. When people face unknown things, imagination can always fill in the missing parts of their minds. Such imagination can be beautiful, but it can also be dangerous from incorrect imagination which forms prejudices and stereotypes. What Shun trying to do is to reflect on the process that how he imagines unknown things by the objects he designs. At the same time, he depicts a metaphor about imagination for the audience to project themselves and question: What kind of strategy will you use when facing the absent mouse?

Trap 02: Wish You Got Cavities

Sugar, Ropes

Trap 03: I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Ceramic, Wax, Ink

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