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This is a research-based design practice that attempts to explore the sense of belonging and security of space in memory.

In my life experience, there is a space in my mind that has always brought me a sense of belonging and security. That is a  wooden sofa in the living room of my grandmother's house when I was a child. I will build my own fort there, sometimes it can be a fortress, sometimes it can be a ship, and I look like a survivor carefully facing the dangerous world outside.

During my research process, I used local materials in a number of unfamiliar environments to try to build a shelter from my childhood and invite friends to settle in. I believe that everyone has tried to build a familiar space in an unfamiliar environment to get a sense of belonging and security.

Finally, my research found that memory is porous, which means that there are many forgotten points, and we will use our own imagination to fill these holes. I tried to visualize this discovery from the material, using white glue to weave a blanket and covering it on a wooden structured sofa. A blanket that is looming and full of holes can also be shaped with body temperature as if it can grasp a certain moment.

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